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Thomas Dancer

Musician, Teacher.


I am a professional jazz saxophone and clarinet player. I specialise in putting groups together for corporate events, restaurants, private functions and Weddings.


Music Tasting – Music Appreciation Course

Music Tasting is a three-part music appreciation course. Over each 1.5 hour session, we will listen to a variety of music- mostly chosen by you- and discuss just what makes it work. Although we will cover many of the basic elemental components of music, this course is not an academic exercise or a lesson in music theory. Much like wine tasting, it is designed to give the participant a fresh perspective into the interactive and dynamic relationships that construct all music. This course is ideal for individuals, couples and groups.

The Bigger Picture – Movie Appreciation Course

The Bigger Picture is a bespoke corporate training presentation that uses clips from mainstream films to address key business concerns such as leadership, communication and change management. Together, we unpack what is going on in each scene, first understanding a few of the basic constructs of cinema, before moving onto understanding what can be read into each scene. The power of this workshop stems from the fact that every workshop is different and will include new scenes and that participants will be able to continue applying the skills learned every time they turn their TV on at home.

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